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Sad Truths about Sugar

1. Contributes to weight gain

- does this by increasing your craving for food.

2. Increases risk of heart disease -does this by increasing obesity, blood sugar and bad cholesterol which clogs blood vessels 3. Increase pimples - leads to altered hormone regulation in the body with the eventual higher tendency to higher stress hormone levels 4. Increases risk of diabetes - chronic stimulation of pancreatic release of insulin - leads to peripheral insulin resistance 5. Increases cancer risk - most of the metabolic activities mentioned above can promote the development of cancer 6. increased depression

- neurotransmitter dysregulation 7. accelerates aging process and increased wrinkling - deposition of glucose end products on tissues damage the ones responsible for maintaining elasticity 8 Increase development of fatty liver - which can progress to inflammation of the liver and indeed cirrhosis 9. Damages teeth and increased formation of dental caries

- bacterial action of sugar around teeth 10. increased risk of dementia - impaired memory

Watch out for ways to reduce sugar consumption

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