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We deliver high standards of training that meet international requirements

My name is Nimzing Ladep. I am a gastroenterologist, working in the National Health Service, UK. I obtained a PhD in Hepatology at Imperial College London in 2014. I am widely published in many high impact sicentific journals. Prior to joining the NHS, I had worked in developing countries as a consultant Physician /gastroenterologist. 


I maintain high level collaboration with developing countries and have travelled widely in regards to the collaboration. As part of PROLIFICA (prevention of liver fibrosis and cancer in Africa), we had obtained an EU funded grant for the investigation of liver diseases and cancer in 3 subsaharan African countries. During this collaborative commitments, as well as when I undertook undergraduate studies in Nigeria, I had seen the need to promote the health delivery system in many developing countries. This, as well as several other factors led to the birth of the current work.


Our main aim is to promote the health of developing country peoples by supporting medical education of medical professionals in these regions.  Medical training has never been as challenging as at now. There has been so many things that are competing with this noble profession; one of which is technological advancement. At worthy works, we see this as an opportunity to promote professionalism as well as dedication to patient-care.

We are a team of clinicians, located across borders and networked by the passion to advance medical practice in developing countries by bridging the gap.

If you believe in our work and wish to support our aim, kindly subscribe today and help us support medical education globally. Subscribe today at or better still apply to be a member by using the Login bar at the menu bar of the site.

about us
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