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HEPATITIS NIGERIA NETWORK - success story of unity against hepatitis B

The date was 31st January 2020, but when corona virus was moving through Wuhan and smouldering to nearby lands. The place was in our thoughts. Like minded persons came together to form what has been christened "Hepatitis Nigeria Network".

It was established as a social intervention group to accomplish the following:

1. Use clinical evidence based information to guide patients and their relatives to access optimised treatment for hepatitis.

2. Promote healthy life style practices and eating habits to maintain physical and emotional health.

3. Liaise with governments, locally and internationally, in order to gain equity regarding the attention of WHO in regards to care for hepatitis patients in Nigeria in particular, and Africa, eventually.

Looking back, it has been a story of success. At least the feeling from the group suggests so. Hampered by COVID-19, we grew from a few and maintained our numbers at 14,000 members.

Lectures, live events, advocacy visits and online supports were provided to our members as well as their relatives.

I present here a gallery of some of the activities and persons that have gone the extra mile to support our vision. The list is not exhaustive and so I would desire that I am forgiven for missing out any person that should be featured.

Working together, we have been able to provoke the development of a website that shall anchor more of our activities

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