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Hepatitis Course

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Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Welcome to this course - the first of its kind for hepatitis B. Hepatitis B infection affects about 2 billion persons globally. About 350 million persons are chronically infected with this virus. The outcomes of infection are end-stage liver disease, cirrhosis, and or liver cancer. There is a dearth of knowledge of this infection among the public as well as among healthcare personnel. In this course, I have undertaken extensive research and brought to you up-to-date materials in form of video lectures and online quizzes. The lectures are byte-sized in order to keep you engaged. You can also undertake the course at your own pace. You stand a chance to win a badge on completion of each step of the course and a gold cup if you complete the course! Kindly share with other persons that may need the information.

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