The Practice of Medicine in developing countries

There are varied problems and opportunities regarding the way medical practice is undertaken in developing counties. The opportunities are very glaring but often beclouded by the problems.

The tortuous journey toward excellence in clinical services in developed countries was not an easy road, but drummed out of serendipity and utilisation of opportunities. There were however, political good wills upon which medical science flourished.

It also had to do with the resolve of a people to value human capital and a sense of citizenship. Both factors, as well as appropriate Remuneration of stakeholders have been the thrust.

The situation for developing countries is different. Political instability and or immaturity bedevils proper negotiations and hence limit basic understanding of the main issues needed to support quality care. Human resources lag behind mundane priorities.

In some countries, they spend lots of resources to train doctors and yet provide no support to engage them in their health services. The professionals then have no other option than to seek out regions where their expertise are required. Well, I have no problems with that, as being humans, it's better to provide help where you can be at your best than sit back armed to the teeth and yet not engaged in a battle.

All is not gloomy, as limited with resources, doctors in developing countries have been innovative in making the most of the limited resources available to them. These efforts are against a backdrop of low morale. When given opportunity, especially by way of collaboration, these doctors quickly showcase their intelligence.

The points I have made above show the fact that a supportive environment can get doctors in developing countries provide similar, if not better quality of care for all of us.

For my colleagues in developing countries, my advice goes thus :

The best life to live is one lived for another. If you want to practice medicine, then please remain a technocrat and never let Borders determine your expertise.

N. Ladep, PhD

Director, worthy works Ltd

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